Real estate

We are the third largest landowner in Finland. Besides forestry, our land is used for many other purposes. The key business is the planning and sale of waterfront plots for holiday homes. During ten years of operation, we have sold about 2,000 plots, and new ones are continuously developed. The buyer of a plot often has the opportunity to increase the size of the property by purchasing more land from the forest in the back or by the water. See our waterfront plots for sale (in Finnish).
We also sell selected forest properties that do not support our real estate structure, mainly in Northern Finland at the moment.  See our forestland properties for sale (in Finnish).
Our land provides different kinds of extractable soil resources, e.g. rock materials and peat. We also lease land for various uses such as hunting. As an example of new land uses, we are looking into the possibilities of having wind power facilities on our land.

If you have plans and would like to enquire about working with us regarding the above or any other forms of land use, please leave a message through the contact form and we will get back to you.