Restoration of Piitsonsuo mire

The restoration complex of about 350 hectares including Iso-Piitsonsuo and Pieni-Piitsonsuo in Ilomantsi will be carried out together with Tornator Plc, Hiilipörssi Ltd. and the local Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. Tornator owns the mires and performs the restoration felling, and Hiilipörssi is responsible for the restoration.

The purpose of the restoration project is to restore a wide drained peatland by restoring its natural state and thereby help mire vegetation and other species to return. The restoration is expected to favour butterflies that flourish on mires, such as the Frigga fritillary, cranberry fritillary and northern grizzled skipper. In addition to the biodiversity benefits, the restoration aims to reduce discharges into Koitajoki river.

The restoration is carried out by felling trees that have emerged once the mire was drained, and by blocking ditches. Trees will be felled on Piitsonsuo in an area of about 90 hectares. However, the slowly growing pines that were already growing there before draining will not be touched, nor the retention trees that imitate the impression of small islands in the landscape.

After the felling, the ditches are dammed with an excavator every 20–50 metres, directing the water from the ditch to the mire. If necessary, ditches will be blocked entirely.

The restoration will begin with tree felling in August 2021, followed by excavation work in the summer of 2022. Restoration work will continue at the site for a number of years. The duration is also dependent on the weather conditions, because timber harvesting and excavation work require that the wettest parts freeze over. The target is to complete the restoration project by the end of 2024.

Heikki Myöhänen 
Environmental Manager, Tornator Oyj