This web service provides information on holiday building plots and forest areas for sale. These terms of use are applied to the use of the web service produced and maintained by Tornator Plc. The information presented is based on information maintained by Tornator Plc in its information systems and on database queries made in them. The information presented in the web service is not binding. Any transactions on land for sale shall always be negotiated separately with Tornator Plc’s personnel. Regarding forest resources, the information presented is based on visual compartment inventory. The geographic information on real estate used by Tornator Plc is based on material obtained from external sources and does not necessarily correspond to current official information at the time of using the web service. Tornator Plc reserves the right to any changes.

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Liability for damages

Tornator accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the user as a result of any interruptions or other disturbances in data communication, delays in data transfer, changes to data or loss of data, which may be caused by technical faults, maintenance or installation work.

Applicable law

Finnish law shall be applied in the use of this service and the interpretation of these terms of use.

Effectiveness and modification of terms of use

These terms of use become effective at the time of updating and remain effective until further notice. Tornator Plc is entitled to modify the terms of use by announcing new terms of use on its website at The new terms of use will become effective at the time of their publication.