Everyone knows it. The climate is changing. To achieve our global climate targets, we need to achieve big things together. In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (SR15). The report compares the impacts of global warming between 1.5 and 2 degrees. It states that we are clearly at a turning point.

The future is growing in our forests

At Tornator, we are aware of our responsibilities and intend to live up to them. Forests are inspiring in this respect, because they offer a range of opportunities for resolving the situation. Firstly, they capture carbon dioxide as they grow, functioning as carbon sinks. The faster a forest’s growth stage, the more carbon it sequestrates.

On the other hand, there is even more hidden potential in the multiple uses of forests and trees. Our pulpwood is mainly used to produce dissolving pulp and packaging. Non-renewable, oil-based plastic is increasingly being replaced by wood-based packaging.

The use of dissolving pulp frees up arable land for food production. This has a major impact on water resource management in countries which already lack potable water. The range of possible solutions also includes innovative bioenergy production, wind power and the use of logging residue. In a sense, the future is indeed growing in the forest.

Forests are the ‘playground’ of Finns

We Finns are at home in the forest. We may have only around half a percent of the world’s forests, with an annual growth rate equivalent to only 0.02% of the world’s forest reserves, but over 75% of Finland’s surface area is forested. So the forest is all around us. It is nearby, even when we are in the centres of our biggest cities.

Some of us seek peace in our forests, while others draw strength from more energetic pursuits. The forest provides us with protection, safety and food – both directly and indirectly. It represents our chief export. Over 20 percent of our export revenue is forest-based. The interest earned by our pension funds ‘grows’ in the forests, which are also a continuous source of new innovations.

At Tornator, we are thrilled to be at the heart of this and play a key role as an enabler. As a company, we are Europe’s leading specialist in sustainable forestry. We own forests in Finland, Estonia and Romania.

Our core activities are sustainable forestry, forestland purchasing and silvicultural services. In addition to our key business areas, we sell cutting rights to our land, develop wind power projects and sell high-quality waterfront plots and soil resources. Together.

Cherishing our mutual heritage

There are around 630,000 forest owners in Finland. Forest ownership is in transition. As a result, forest owners are more likely to rake leaves in the yards of their city residences than plant seedlings in their own forests. Our service development takes account of this change.

We see ourselves as a link in an age-old chain. Our operating model is based on responsible forest use, strong environmental expertise and the use of digitalisation. Together with our customers, we are nurturing a heritage that is being passed down from one generation to the next.

Our main business area is the production and sale of timber. We engage in sustainable forestry with the aim of a high and steady yield, guaranteeing our customers sustainably produced, certified wood. We also buy forestland with a diverse range of tree types. In our forest management, we respect nature, using the right treatments at the right time. This enables us to ensure that our forestlands thrive and remain diverse. Our systematic forest management and expert staff will ensure profitable operations in the future.

We lease land for various purposes, such as hunting, and actively engage in developing wind power projects alongside our partners. Our forests are also widely used for recreation. We plan and sell waterfront plots and soil resources. In addition, we sell selected forest properties that are unsuitable for our real estate structure.

We provide high-quality silvicultural services. For service agreement customers, we perform work such as forest regeneration and the tending of seedling stands. The keys to our success include extensive ownership of forestland and the procurement of materials. We want to provide the best possible working conditions for our contractors. Successful cooperation results in well-growing forests.

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