An honest working attitude and working for the forests is a common passion for Tornator’s staff. The personnel has also been strongly involved in creating a new strategy for the company for 2022-2024.

Tornator’s strategy centres around three concepts: sustainability, partnership, and growth. All strategic goals are built around these key factors.

When it comes to sustainability, measuring and reporting economic and social performance is simple. Demonstrating ecological sustainability in plain terms is, however, more challenging. Our new strategy continues to highlight the importance of overall sustainability, but we are currently focusing especially on monitoring and developing indicators for ecological sustainability in the context of our Biodiversity Program, for example. 

A good example of partnership is our relationship with our main customer, Stora Enso. The efficiency and quality of our operations will be developed through joint projects with the goal of promoting forest services, forest growth, and digitalisation of forest resources, among other things. Tornator also aims to build long-term partnerships based on mutual trust with other key stakeholders, such as our contractors and system vendors. 

We find that there are three different dimensions to growth: there is financial and economic growth, which is the traditional understanding of the concept, but there are also the biological growth of forests and the growth of our human capital. As before, our future financial growth will be driven by new forest acquisitions (purchasing and leasing) and increasing our forest service sales, and rental income and development fees derived from wind power. Tornator is also exploring potential new opportunities for generating revenue in the carbon compensation market during the current strategy period. Our efforts to increase the biological growth of forests will be focused on fertilisation and utilising improved seedlings and seeds. Digitalisation enables timely and more precisely focused forest management that can also be used to increase forest growth. Investment in increasing our human capital is at least equally important to this. During its 20-year history, Tornator has been able to attract a substantial amount of top-level expertise, so maintaining and developing employee well-being will be key for the success of the strategy.

In 2022 Tornator’s net asset value increase to almost EUR 2 billion, net sales rose to a new record of EUR 165 million and equity ratio stood at more than 60 per cent.