On the basis of our values, we have prepared a set of environmental principles that are in line with sustainability thinking. In all of our activities, we comply with these principles:

We utilise the natural resources of our forests sustainably

We practise economically, ecologically and socially sustainable forestry

  • We plan and implement felling and silvicultural work maintaining at least the current levels of land productivity and future felling potential
  • We protect the native and threatened species and valuable habitats of forests, and actively try to increase the biodiversity of commercial forests
  • We comply with international agreements as well as national legislation and regulations taking into account the local people and conditions, we employ local contractors and organisations where possible, we communicate openly about our environmental activities and co-operate responsibly with our stakeholders
  • We support local, internationally approved forest certification

We minimise the environmental impacts of our operations

  • We recognise the environmental effects of our operations, and take into account the multiple-use, landscape and cultural values of forests
  • We ensure the environmental competence of our employees with continuous training, and encourage our contractors to develop their environmental competence
  • We try to influence environmental effects throughout the value chain, from primary production to the end-user, by communicating about our environmental principles
  • We prepare an environmental responsibility programme with regard to local conditions, and use it to monitor and develop our operations