We practise sustainable forest management with the aim of good and steady yield. The forests are managed using the right treatments at the right time. In this way, our more than 700,000 hectares of forestlands are maintained in good growth condition and the productivity of the land is utilised as well as possible. Systematic forest management and skilled employees will guarantee successful operations in the future as well. Read more about our responsibility principles.

Sale of cutting rights

We sell cutting rights, on the basis of offers made, to sites that we have carefully planned. The planned sites cover the normal felling methods and wood assortments (and special timber if needed). We also take care of the necessary forest use declarations and other permits. Work with professionals for all your timber needs!

Type of sale: standing sale
Product categories: sawlogs, pulpwood, biomass

Contact person:

Customer Relations Manager
Ari Rekonen
Tel. +358 40 023 2863
E-mail: ari.rekonen@tornator.fi