Tornator’s Green Finance Framework has been updated,

a new Second Party Opinion has been issued and the 2022 Green Finance Investor Letter has been published.

Tornator has updated its Green Finance Framework and received a new Second Party Opinion from an independent evaluator CICERO. CICERO rated Tornator’s Framework with the highest possible rating, i.e. “Dark green”, under their their “Shades of Green” classification. CICERO’s rating remained unchanged compared to Tornator’s old Framework.

The Framework describes Tornator’s operations and targets regarding the practice of responsible, climate-friendly forestry. In addition to double certification (FSC®* and PEFC™), Tornator is committed to achieving the goals of its own climate and biodiversity programs that are in place until 2030 and many other measures promoting overall responsibility.

Already under the old Framework, Tornator acquired majority of its financing as green funds and the company’s intention is to continue the same practice in the future. SEB advised Tornator in updating the Framework.

Simultaneously Tornator publishes the annual Green Finance Investor Letter from 2022, which is still based on the old Framework, but contains new and interesting information, e.g. about the positive climate effects of Tornator’s entire value chain.

For additional information, please contact:

CEO Henrik Nieminen, puh. +358 40 869 7613

CFO Antti Siirtola, puh. +358 40 773 0975

 Green Finance Framework 2023, CICERO SPO 2023, Green Finance Investor Letter 2022

*FSC-license codes:

Finland FSC-C123368

Estonia FSC-C132610

Romania FSC-C132426