We have voluntarily established conservation areas over 1900 hectares in METSO-program and 3100 hectares in Helmi-program. We are engaged in ongoing negotiations with the authorities on new METSO and Helmi-protection areas. The Tornator’s METSO protection areas are ecologically high quality and wider than average. The sites are mainly densely dead wooded heathland forests, forest covered mires and forests nearby small-waters. Several sites have endangered species and their habitats.  

As a part of the heritage forest programme, we have established six heritage forests in different parts of Finland. The heritage forests are located in Puumala, Valtimo, Lieksa, Leppävirta, Raahe and Ilomantsi. 

We have also established approximately 13 000 hectares of protected areas based on conservation programmes so far.  

Take a closer look at the Tornator’s nature reserves of Luhtapohja and Tiheäsaari: